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We desire that all families committed to receiving a Christ-centered education at CCS will have the opportunity. Financial assistance through FACTS is available to families who have at least one full-time student attending CCS.  Families who have students only in the Eagle's Nest or Pre-K programs are not eligible for financial assistance.


Who  decides  how  much  financial  aid  I  will  receive?  

The  analysis  completed  by  FACTS  Grant & Aid  Assessment  serves  as  a  recommendation  only. A committee of the CCS Board of Directors will review the recommendations provided by the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment to determine awards. Decisions will be based upon assessments, number of applicants, and available funds. Community Christian School is solely responsible for determining the final award.


Why  do  I  have  to  provide  this  personal  and  confidential  information?  

FACTS  Grant  &  Aid  Assessment  must  verify  your  expenses  and  household   income  to  assist  your  institution  in making  an  informed decision  about  the   amount  of  financial  aid  needed  for  each  family.


How  can  I  check  the  status  of  my  application?  

Once  you  have  completed  the  online  application,  you  will  be  able  to  log  on   to  the  FACTS  Grant  &  Aid  Assessment  website  to  check  the  status  of  your   application.  


FACTS Application period is open for CURRENT CCS FAMILIES from FEBRUARY 1 - FEBRUARY 28


To begin the process, click HERE.

  1. Choose “Create a username & password”. If you have an existing FACTS account and have already created a user account, please select "Sign In" and use your existing username and password.
  2. Click on the "Start Application" link.
  3. Select the appropriate school year.
  4. Complete the steps as prompted.You will be required to submit  your  Federal  Form  1040  Income  Tax  Return,   W-2  forms,  and  supporting  documentation  for  non-taxable   income  to FACTS.  You  can  upload documents by  logging  into   your  online  account  or  fax  them  to  866-315-9264.  Draft  or   Preview  Copy  tax documents will  not  be  accepted.  
  5. Complete the CCS Financial Aid Application.


Please  allow  at  least  two  weeks  for  processing  your  application.   There is a $40 application fee.