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Q: Do you require that I, as a parent, be a member of a church?

No.  We do not require a church membership.  However, we do require that one parent be a professing Christian and attend a Bible-believing church.  We ask that you agree to follow the rules and guidelines of our school and have your child agree with its teachings and authority.  Parents are asked to read and sign our Educational Philosophy, CCS Statement of Beliefs & Objectives, and Statement on Marriage, Gender & Sexuality.


Q: Are all of your teachers certified?

All of our teachers are certified and share over 140 years of teaching experience. We have 2 teachers with Master's Degrees and another currently in a Graduate program. Our senior teacher has served CCS for more than 30 years. We are blessed with an amazing staff of dedicated and talented teachers!


Q: What curriculum do you use?

Our Bible curriculum is purchased through Christian Schools International and we utilize a variety of other curriculum publishers for academic content. We carefully select resources that will equip our students in all subject areas.   Our teachers, who have a solid Biblical worldview, teach all academic content from a Christian perspective.


Q: How many students per class?

We have an average of 10:1 per classroom.  Combination classes are larger but do not exceed 20 students per room.


Q: Do you require parent volunteer hours?

While we do not require volunteer hours, we encourage our parents to be involved.  We see a great benefit from building community among our families and see bonds grow through shared service. Our Parents' Club offers many opportunities for service throughout the year.


Q: Is lunch available for purchase daily?

Yes.  Hot lunch is available every day and is currently free of charge. CCS works with Milaca Public Schools in order to provide hot lunch for students at CCS. Families may choose to provide a cold lunch or receive a hot lunch.


Q: Do you offer bus transportation?

Transportation to and from Community Christian School is currently available for students who live within the Princeton and Milaca school districts. (Students must be 4 years old to ride the bus). Please check with your respective district to sign up your children to ride the bus during the school year.