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At Community Christian School, we recognize that our middle school students are at a transitional point in their young lives. Becoming a young person dedicated to God and his service requires commitment to a wide range of academic, emotional growth, spiritual growth, and social awareness. Our dedicated teachers work with small class sizes to develop Christ-focussed young people with academic success in view!


In our middle school classrooms, we seek to guide and lead students in their path of:

  • Learning
  • Creating
  • Developing leadership gifts
  • Understanding God's world
  • Understanding that knowledge is fun and powerful
  • Maintaining health for themselves and their communities

Our curriculum is carefully chosen and utilizes materials from Christian Schools International, Harcourt, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and Foss Science. All of our materials are carefully examined  by our Director of Instruction and staff to ensure consistency with God's word as well as confirm a high level of academic rigor.