Community Christian School

Pre Kindergarten


Mrs. Ten Haken - PreK Teacher

Mrs. Dani Roelofs - PreK Aide



“Where children soar with learning, laughter, and love.”


Pre Kindergarten (4 & 5-year-olds):

We believe that the early years of a child should be a positive, wonder-filled time of learning about God, His love for us, and the world He made for us to enjoy. CCS strives to create an environment of fun, warmth, security, and discovery.

Our mission is To nurture the academic, spiritual, personal, social, creative and physical development of students, in cooperation with their parents, for Christ-like service in God’s world.

We believe that your child is a gift from God, a treasure to be guarded and nurtured which requires the heart and soul of excellent Christian teachers.


The teachers at Community Christian School are dedicated to your child’s thriving. Our hope and prayer is that our dedication to academic excellence, adherence to Biblical Truth, and devotion to your child’s nurturing will benefit your child and family. The ultimate goal is to educate heart and mind of each child, while honoring God in all we do.


Community Christian School’s Early Childhood programs are the first educational experience for many children in the Milaca, Pease and Princeton communities! For over 17 years, we have seen students adapt and thrive as they have had transitioning into all day every day Kindergarten. 


Our classes are purposefully small, but our offerings and resources are immense! In Terrific 3’ and Pre K, your child will participate in our school wide programs, celebrations and events.  Participation helps make CCS an integral part for you and your family and part of the larger CCS family. In addition, we offer specials like Library, Art, and PE.

Pre -Kindergarten goals include:

  • To encourage a love for God and one another:  
  • Learning to cooperate and be sensitive to the needs of others.
  • Develop a sense of wonder, appreciation, and excitement for learning about God and his creation.
  • Develop fine and gross motor skills.
  • Stimulate creativity.
  • Improve verbal, listening and perceptual skills.
  • Prepare for success in Kindergarten and beyond
  • Develop literacy awareness and reading readiness
  • Develop math concepts that are foundational for future learning.


Your child’s safety is extremely important to all of us at CCS. All entry points remain locked throughout the day, except the main entrance to the school.  There are always two adults on the playground-supervising children as they play.


CCS is seeing incredible results with our classroom experience. Each fall and spring students in our Pre K classroom are tested and have shown significant progress in the areas of Picture Naming, Letter Names, Rhyming, and Letter Sounds.

The results are incredible! Children completing the Terrific 3’s and Pre K programs at Community Christian School have demonstrated to be prepared for a positive transition into their educational classrooms throughout the year.


Our day starts at 8:20 AM and ends at 2:45 PM.  A daily schedule can be obtained from a classroom teacher, per request. 
Transportation is available in both the Milaca and/or Princeton school district for children 4 years old and older.

Pre Kindergarten classes are Monday–Wednesday–Friday!