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  • 2019 Summer SCRIP schedule

    The summer SCRIP ordering schedule is listed below - orders will be placed on the following Mondays by 5 PM.....

    July 22

    August 5

    August 19

    Arrangements will need to be made for payment (if not using Presto Pay) before orders can be placed.  Please contact Kristi Santema at to arrange payment and pick up times throughout the summer.

    Thank you so much!  Please contact Kristi if you have any questions!



What is SCRIP?

By purchasing gift certificates to your favorite food or retail chains from Community Christian, you can actually credit your tuition account with 3 to 14% of the certificate's value. You can reduce your tuition at NO cost to you. The details of the program are outlined below in question and answer format.

Frequently Asked Questions about SCRIP

What is SCRIP?

Scrip is a term that means, “substitute money”.  When Community Christian School families purchase SCRIP, they are purchasing negotiable gift certificate that is used just like cash.  The national and local retailers issue the SCRIP where many families already shop.  These merchants want to support non-profit organizations, and in return ask you to support them by shopping with SCRIP at their stores.  CCS families can use SCRIP to purchase everyday expenses like food, clothing, and other essentials, and with every purchase, they earn money for tuition.

It is a volunteer-run, school program in which families purchase gift cards through Community Christian to shop at major grocery stores, retail stores and restaurants. The stores sell the certificates (or gift cards) to the school at a discount through the Great Lakes Scrip Center. The school then sells the certificates at face value to participating families and credits the participating family's tuition account with the profit.

How SCRIP generates revenue for you?

The Great Lakes SCRIP center acts on behalf of churches, schools and other non-profit organizations to purchase large amount of SCRIP from grocery stores, department stores, and other retailers. There are many local stores and restaurants that participate. Please refer to the order form for a current list of participants, or go to for a complete listing.  (We have a link set up at the top of the page).  The credit percentages range anywhere from 2% to 18%.

How do I purchase SCRIP certificates?

SCRIP participants will complete an order form that can be done on-line or return a hard copy to the CCS Office by Monday morning at 9:00 am.  A check payable to CCS for the full amount of your purchase must be included with the order or you may use Presto Pay.  Scrip orders will be available for pickup on the following Thursday (or Friday, depending on weather) of that same week. SCRIP orders can be picked up personally, or you can sign a disclaimer releasing Community Christian from responsibility and have your order sent home with one of your children.  Each family participating must sign a release policy form before any SCRIP may be released.

What if I want to purchase my own order online?

Now you can!  You can log into the Great Lakes SCRIP website, place your order online.  You have two options for payment:  You may use Presto pay or you may send in your check to the CCS Office and your order will be submitted on Monday with the rest of the CCS orders after payment has been received.  Lynn Hastings will provide you with all the necessary information to get started online!

What is Presto-Pay?

Presto-pay is a convenient way for families to pay for their SCRIP orders, on-line, at the time they place their order.  Great Lake Scrip Center will accept your payment on the school’s behalf.  They will debit your checking account for the face value amount of their order, plus a small convenience fee of $0.15, and hold that payment until the SCRIP coordinator releases the order.  Your SCRIP cards typically arrives 2 - 3 days after Coordinator releases the order.

Are there restrictions on what can be purchased with the certificates?

No. The certificates are the same as cash; you can buy anything in the store that you would normally buy with a check, cash or credit card. You may also use store/manufacturer coupons as you usually do. (Always check with the participating retailers regulations found on the back of the card)

What are the benefits of the program to Community Christian?

Community Christian itself will benefit with 10% of the credit earnings from the SCRIP program. The money you earn (90%) is applied directly to YOUR tuition. CCS has been successfully running the SCRIP program for a number of years now, and many families have benefited. They have made it so simple for families today, some families have earned quite a discount for their tuition. Families who participate in SCRIP can encourage grandparents, neighbors and friends to purchase SCRIP certificates designated toward their family's own account.

Who may participate?

SCRIP is open to parents, grandparents, school association members and anyone in the community who wishes to participate and designate the tuition account of a presently enrolled family or to the General Fund of CCS, which benefits ALL families of CCS.

Who will run the program?

Kristi Santema is our SCRIP Coordinator.  She collects and places orders every Monday.  If you have any other questions, contact the CCS Office or Kristi and we would be happy to answer any of your questions.  You may contact her with any questions you have about your credited tuition account.

What if I have a defective card?

Call the number on the back of the defective card to determine if there is a balance.  If there is a zero balance speak to a live person at that number to determine where the card was spent.

What if I lose a card?

Community Christian School treats SCRIP just like cash and when it leaves CCS,  it no longer is the responsibility of CCS.

When do I get credit?

Credits will appear as a credit memo every month on your tuition statement.