Community Christian School




Community Christian School serves Christian families by partnering with parents and the church to train children. As a ministry to Christian families, Community Christian School requires at least one parent must be a professing Christian, regularly attend and be an active member in the life of a Christian Bible-believing church showing evidence of their positive relationship with Jesus Christ. Parents must be in agreement with the school's Statement of Beliefs and Objectives. Students should demonstrate potential academic success in our program based on previous records and recommendations, and show good social adjustment, satisfactory behavior, and emotional stability. If necessary, the students may be tested to determine, grade level. Grade placement is determined by the Administration. The Board shall retain its authority to expel any students whose continued presence seriously impairs the development of Christian education. Community Christian School does not discriminate as to race, color, national or ethnic origin.

To be considered for

Terrific 3's, students must be 3 years old by September 1.
Pre-K, students must be 4 years old by September 1.
Kindergarten students must be 5 by September 1.

ADMISSION PROCEDURE: Interested families in CCS:

Receive Enrollment Information Packet through the mail or personally visits CCS - Tour facility with Principal and/or Director of Development - Submit completed Student Application form and Pastor/Priest Referral Letter
CCS: Sets up Admissions File for each prospective student when application is received. Add prospective student's name to the prospective student list for the appropriate grade/year. CCS may choose to administer placement tests if deemed necessary CCS requests school records of the previous school attended The Pastor/Priest Referral Letter may be mailed separately and when received will be filed with prospective student


Community Christian School schedules new parent interview with the Principal and at least one School Board member in order to discuss:

1. Why Christian Education is important to you
2. Your child's education/emotional/social needs and whether CCS will be able to meet these expectations
3. Community Christian School's expectation for parents and students

Acceptance by CCS is considered upon completion of these steps.  Parents are notified when enrollment has been approved.

Priority for enrollment is determined in the following order:

1.  Current CCS families

2.  Date application is received


To receive an Enrollment Information Packet, email us at or call the CCS Office at 320.369.4239.  Please include your address, email and phone number.