Community Christian School

Pre K (4 year olds)

Community Christian School's Pre K is a program designed to partner with parents in the education and care of their children. CCS is a place where God's children can prepare to participate successfully in a peer group setting.

Our main responsibilities are to help young children grow in the social, emotional, creative, spiritual, cognitive and physical areas of development.  We have a strong commitment to God's Word, and we fully integrate Godly principles into every aspect of our curriculum.  We seek to create a nurturing environment as an extension of the home while assisting children to feel confident in learning.  WE recognize the window of opportunity for growth during the early years and seek to provide an optimum environment for children's development. 

Each staff member helps create a loving, safe and nurturing environment. Each child is loved and valued. We keep our program flexible so that individual needs of the child may be met and each child progress at their own rate.


The curriculum for the Pre K encourages young children to explore God's world, enjoy learning, and participate in Christian community.  Generally our curriculum is literature based and comprehensive including centers for math, science, literacy, worhsip, handwriting, dramatic play, sensory experiences and art.

Partnering with families to provide a foundation for early Christian education while deeloping the whole child in a secure and nurturing environment!

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PRE SCHOOL SCREENING INFORMATION The State of Minnesota mandates that all children undergo Early Childhood Screening prior to Kindergarten enrollment, and within 90 days of School Readiness enrollment. We recommend all children undergo Early Childhood Screening prior to Preschool or starting at 3 1/2 years old.

Milaca offers screenings 3-4 times a year. Their screening location is at the Milaca Early Childhood Center (across the street from the Milaca Elementary).     

Early Childhood Screening consists of a height and weight check, vision, hearing and development screenings. A screening typically takes about an hour.


For Milaca screenings and to schedule an appointment, please contact Heather Hoeck at 320.982.7194 or  The 2017-2018 schedule can be downloaded below!

For Princeton screenings and to schedule an appointment, please contact Mary Patnode 763.389.6168 or


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Early Childhood Screening