Community Christian School

One Day/ One Week Challenge


May 22 - 26, 2017

Every day is a gift! Make this your week to give to a CCS student!!

ONE DAY they will be teachers, doctors, engineers, farmers, nurses, pastors, maybe even a scientist; but, today they are students. Every day at CCS is an investment in their faith & future. Each gift of $30 covers ONE DAY of a child’s education at CCS, giving them the Education for Life we desire for each child.

Please prayerfully consider your participation in the ONE-DAY /ONE-WEEK challenge. THANK YOU for loving these students and contributing to help them become Kingdom Leaders!

Please make your check payable to CCS and specify “ONE WEEK” in the memo line.

Your gift is tax deductible.

If you've never given before - would you consider giving today? 


We believe in equal sacrifice, not equal giving.  All Gifts Make a Difference! All levels of gifts and donations have a positive and lasting impact on Community Christian School.